A Message from Our Divisional Commander

Fall 2015


Dear Friend,

Without you, The Salvation Army simply wouldn’t exist.

It’s your generosity that allows us to feed hungry families. Your compassion that helps us care for our neighbors in need. Many more will come to us seeking assistance. And with every person your donations allow us to reach, you’re strengthening the foundation of our community. The Salvation Army is committed to helping every person who comes through our doors, no matter their circumstances.

But we can’t do it alone. It takes special, compassionate people like you to help us reach our neighbors in need. With our busiest time of year just ahead, I hope you’ll continue to stand by us. Your generous contributions of time, financial support, and prayer sustain our services throughout the year.

As you read through this newsletter, think about the many families and individuals in our community who have found hope already — thanks to you!\

God bless you for your compassion and steadfast support of The Salvation Army.


Major Ivan Wild
Del Oro Divisional Commander