26 October 2014

On Tuesday, October 22nd, the Tri-Cities Corps finished the "Cooking Matters" program. All 22 participants had a great time learning how to make new meals!

Once again, we would like to thank the Alamaeda County Community Food Bank for making this event possible!

September 17th was our first "Cooking Matters" Class. 15 people attended. We had a blast. Jesse, Catrina and Cory came from the Alameda County Community Food Bank to facilitate the two hour class. There was 45 minutes of Nutrition Class - we talked about the plate - which took the place of the nutrition pyramid. Then the participants prepared black bean and sweet potato tacos. We all ate together and talked about cooking more healthy foods, eating a variety of vegetables and proper portions. Each participant got a little gift bag, and a bag of ingredients to make the tacos at home. At the end of the class each participant will take home the work book from the class. There was a lot of excitement in the room and we hope that people are inspired to make changes in how they eat and how they cook food.