Our First “T.O.P. Chefs” event pits teams from SFFD, SFPD, and Oakland Fire Department!

It may seem like an Iron Chef-like competition, but The Salvation Army is taking a mere culinary battle to a whole new level. For the inaugural T.O.P. Chefs Cook-off (T.O.P. = “Taste of Preparedness”), cooking teams of first responders will be asked to prepare a main dish and side dish from ingredients found in a disaster kit: non-perishables, freeze-dried items, bottled fluids, etc. Teams will be given 30 minutes to prepare the meal and then will be evaluated by a panel of judges using a criteria of taste, quality of meal, presentation, and, of course, creativity (opening a can of Pork& Beans and calling it good won't fly here). Ingredients, cooking supplies (pots, pans,and utensils), a multi-burner stove and a variety of spices will be provided to each team.  

Live streaming video by Ustream